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With just a click, you can enjoy the most outstanding features of Zertz


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Stay tuned with office bulletins.

Now you can remain updated on all the events that take place in your office, from a webinar to an issued notice; you could do all in an instant with the Zertz activity section, which keeps you active and social in your organization.

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Our Features

With just a click, you can enjoy the most outstanding features of Zertz



Zertz allows you to receive office notifications, updates and activities at the activity section with a robust and user-friendly interface

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Zertz allows users to connect to other users in the organization via text messaging and share documents

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Zertz allows users to make high-quality calls using an encrypted connection that ensures complete privacy and convenience.

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Zertz allows users to develop a secure virtual room with access levels to connect users under one team

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Zertz allows users to create instant meetings and secure room connections to organize scheduled meetings

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Zertz provides users with secure cloud storage to share their documents and work efficiently with minimal latency, this doc features comes in with advanced document collaboration

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white board


Zertz provides users with a whiteboard feature which allows them to write free handed on screen and then download the screen in PDF file

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Zertz serves the requirements of every user with vivid purposes


For Freelancers

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For Organizations

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Compatible with various devices from browser integration to mobile phones and desktops

Equipped with enhanced Web Real-Time Communication, allowing the collaboration and transmission of real-time media of a stable network. WebRTC Software Developments Kits contain all required libraries and files for enhanced connection via secure and encrypted line, making the Zertz connectivity a top-notch quality and secure service.

Integrated with secure APIs and secure connection lines enable Real-Time Communication with the enhanced phase and increased quality factors. Supporting a wide range of stable connectivity and bandwidth and video enhancement, Zertz Real-time communication increases the scale of two ends streaming. Two ends streaming with both ends free to communicate via audio signals and multimedia in video signals, share screen, and whiteboard features.

Advanced Protocols to standardize the workflow and peer-to-peer collaborations, Zertz peer streaming allows the users to work most profoundly by streaming and connecting to the others on the team. Zertz provides a peer to peer network channelized via teams and minimizes latency allowing users to work efficiently.

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